There are thousands of desktop, web, and mobile application software examples to use in business to automate complex and time-consuming tasks. But in this post, you will find the Top 6 Business Software Application Examples with the Uses.

1. Word Processor/Document Writing and Editing Application:

Word Processing, document writing, and editing software applications help to write better business documents, letters, applications, agreements, and reports accurately, faster, and cheaply.

Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Zoho Writer are popular Word Pressing software examples to use in business.

2. Business/Employees/Customer Data calculation, analysis, and Visualization Software:

Business/Employees/Customer Data calculation, analysis, and visualization software make it possible to perform calculations, store, visualize, analyze and access customers, employees, products, sales, and various other business departments and operational data and information with high speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

Business Data can be stored manually by a data entry operator in software. It can also be automatic.

3. Accounting, Payroll, Reporting, GST, and Bookkeeping Software:

Accounting, Payroll, reporting, GST and Bookkeeping Software is a very important part of the business. It’s very time-consuming, complex, detail, and data-oriented and also required transparency and a high level of accuracy if you do it manually.

Any misinformation or wrong entry in bookkeeping, tax calculation, income details, and credit or debits will impact the business negatively.

4. Branding, Graphic Design, and Digital Content Creation Software:

These types of software are used for logo design, images, videos, banners, advertisements and brochure creation, app icon design, website designs, photo editing, illustrations, animation and to create digital or print media content. The created content is used to advertise and market business. While content creation and publishing also a business in itself. Content is uploaded, published, shared on social media, blogs, YouTube channels, forms, and many other channels for various reasons.

5. Business Data Storage or Cloud Storage Applications:

In this technology era, business data is playing the most important role in business success and failure.

There are various types of meaningful data in business such as:

  • Customer product inquiry data
  • Accounting data
  • Employee’s performance data
  • Website analytics and reporting data
  • Business plans and meeting data

Data is used to analyze, compare and make good business decisions at the right time. Not only that data (social media content) is also used for marketing and promotion.


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