1. Square
Square’s payroll software enables employers to pay full-time employees and contractors, track hours, and pay salaried and hourly employees with ease. The company touts that its software is an “all-in-one solution,” allowing employers to offer health benefits and giving employees online accounts while leaving the payroll tax filings and withholdings to them. For managers on the go, there is even a mobile app so they can pay employees from anywhere.

2. Quickbooks
If your pay structure doesn’t change frequently and you’re on a tight budget, Quickbooks’ software is a great choice. After the initial setup, payroll will run automatically through auto-pay. You’ll receive notifications to keep you updated, but you can mostly set-it and forget it. Quickbooks offers tax penalty protection, so they resolve any errors and pay any penalties for you. By using Quickbooks, even time tracking can be automatic.
A particularly nice feature in the top-two plans is Quickbooks’ same-day direct deposit for employees and contractors. This allows you to keep funds longer and for employees to be paid quicker.

3. Gusto
Gusto is a great pick for growing teams that want to send professional offer letters, offer 401(k)s, as well as other perks. The service offers three plans for clients: Core, Complete, and Concierge.
The Core package is best for small companies looking to keep it simple. The base price is $39 per month, and then $6 per employee per month. The Complete package offers additional tools such as time-tracking and the ability to manage PTO requests. The Complete package also has a base price of $39 per month but costs $12 per employee per month.
The Concierge package has added HR support with all of the payroll features. For mid-sized companies without an HR department or with a small one, this is a great option because there will be HR professionals at Gusto to rely on when necessary. Concierge pricing starts with a base price of $149 per month and then costs $12 per person, per month.

4. Zenefits
Zenefits, which started out as an HR platform, syncs its payroll with its existing HR platform. This means benefits, paid time-off, hour tracking, and salary changes are all in one place. For example, users will only have to enter an employee’s salary change once, and it syncs automatically across the platform to payroll and other areas. The catch with Zenefits is you do first need to purchase the HR software, and payroll is an add-on feature. While the payroll feature is new, it’s becoming an industry favorite.

5. RUN powered by ADP
Looking for something beyond a startup for payroll? ADP has been running payroll for over 70 years and is a leader in the industry. RUN powered by ADP provides an easy to use software that enables users to set up new employees quickly, whether they are full-time or contractors. Users can run payroll through their phone or online.
The platform allows employees to have their own logins to look at pay stubs and taxes. ADP promises business owners safety by keeping them up to date about changing HR regulations and payroll rules. A standout feature: ADP provides businesses with a lot of human interaction, such as an account manager that frequently calls to check-in.

6. Paychex
Paychex’s software allows you to either import payroll or type it in yourself. Founded in 1971, Paychex offers every client a Learning Management System, which offers employees online courses to learn new skills and increase employee retention within your organization. The platform allows seamless 401(k) integration, calculates federal, state and local taxes for you, and has a free mobile app.
Paychex offers three packages: Paychex Go, Paychex Flex Select, and Paychex Flex Enterprise. The Paychex Flex Select and Paychex Flex Enterprise packages offer additional reporting on workers’ compensation and analytics reports, as well as background checks for new employees. For larger companies or companies that want the payroll experience of a large company, Paychex is a great pick.


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