Some of the strategies reputation management services use are designed to draw more traffic to your website, encourage positive online reviews, monitor review sites (consumer or employee) targeting businesses, and keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing.
Here are some of them:

  • Search engine optimization and management. Search engine optimization (SEO) comprises optimizing your online content so it ranks higher in popular search engines like Google. Reputation management firms use SEO so that consumers who are searching for topics relating to your business will be more likely to find you. If there is negative information about your business appearing in search results, the reputation management company can use truthful, positive content to counter negative content.
  • Content development and management. To rank well in search engines and build a good reputation, you need high-quality content. Many reputation management services will work with your company to create new material so your target customers find positive results about you or your business right away.
  • Social media monitoring and management. While platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can grow your business or brand, it takes only one inappropriate picture or comment to cause a PR nightmare. Reputation management services can monitor your social media profiles. They can also control your company’s social media efforts by strategizing posts to get high engagement.
  • Review acquisition and management. Many reputation management services help businesses acquire and manage online reviews. These services employ tactics that encourage people to write reviews. When people write good reviews, the company promotes them on sites like Google and Facebook. When people write negative reviews, your business is notified so it can rectify the situation. Some services have software that allows businesses to manage reviews from one platform.
  • Third-party website monitoring. Negative reviews from former employees and displeased customers on websites such as Yelp and Glassdoor can be particularly damaging, and it’s not difficult for a dissatisfied person to create a new website or blog to disparage your company. Reputation management services can monitor the internet to see what people are saying about you.
  • Competitor monitoring. A less common, but still useful, aspect of reputation management is competitive benchmarking. This is the act of monitoring your competition to see how you compare in terms of local search terms, social activity, online mentions, reviews and more.

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