1. PHP 

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language mainly used for the server-side of simple, dynamic sites and web apps, typically WordPress, Flickr or Facebook. PHP web development has supported many free and open-source extensions including .NET, Apache or Bzip2, as well as allowed access to various databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and others.

2. Python

Python is the most favorite programming language (Hired, 2020). 44% of investigated software engineers used Python. Python has high applications in different sub-fields of IT (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning or Video games) and especially in the scientific domain because the language facilitates the collection of empirical data and the integration with relevant databases.

In the field of webs, Python is one of the best back-end web development languages and such Python web development projects as Spotify or Instagram using the Django framework written in this language.

3. Java

Similar to Python, Java is also a preferred coding language with 38% of global users because of its well-maintained libraries and web frameworks, according to Hired. Java is an open-source and object-oriented language that has a good reputation for its stability.

It is widely used to develop Android mobile apps or enterprise-scale complex web projects.

4. C#

Compared to other web programming languages, C# or pronounced as C sharp is more special because Microsoft initially developed it for the .NET framework. So getting involved in C# web development means that developers will be restricted to that framework. So it only has libraries and types available to add functionality only to the .NET.

Having said that, the language still proves its popularity in programming many web apps or web API’s and developing video games on PC or Xbox.

5. C++

Along with other web programming languages, C++ contributed to building numerous famous websites such as Google, Twitter or Amazon. As one of the oldest programming languages in the world, C++ undoubtedly has a large support community and owns a massive number of libraries to provide additional functions. Plus the ease to learn C++ due to its concise language of only 60 keywords, it is still popular now.

C++ is widely applied to build desktop apps, video games, e-commerce servers, while its web development application is ranked lower than that of JavaScript or Java.

6. Ruby

When hearing of Ruby on Rails web development, some often think Ruby as an abbreviation of Ruby on Rails. But the latter is effectively a common web framework written in Ruby, with typical projects on Airbnb, GitHub or CodeAcademy.

7. Javascript

In this list, JavaScript is the only language that serves both the server and client sides.  It plays a role in programming user-friendly and interactive front end of most websites, regardless of scales and complexity. So, in many surveys of Stack Overflow, GitHub and Hired, it always remains its leading position in top commonly used coding languages.

In terms of server-side development, JavaScript is a high-level programming language with multi-paradigm (e.g. object-oriented or functional) features, dynamic typing and numerous libraries or frameworks such as Node.js, React or Vue.js that are compatible to multiple operating systems.


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