A small business app is really any app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet and helps you with some aspect of your small business. It can be used on the go to increase your productivity and help you with a task. There are all kinds of apps out there that can maximize your mobile capabilities, allowing you to get more done even when you aren’t at your computer. Here are some of the best small mobile apps:

  1. Tempo

Tempo is a free app for the iPhone and allows you to sync multiple calendars into one location. It can also scan your email to find relevant conversations regarding your upcoming events and include that in your consolidated calendar. If you try to schedule a duplicate activity, Tempo will let you know you have a conflict. You’ll receive email summaries of your daily agenda with iCloud reminders incorporated into them for convenience.

You can also directly dial into conference calls using Tempo, obtain your flight schedule and status, and connect with your social media accounts. Tempo is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Taskful

Taskful is a free app for iPhone and iPad that functions as an electronic to-do list, giving you a streamlined way to manage ongoing tasks. This app makes it easy to prioritize: organize your jobs by days of the week, color-code them based on category or due date (Inbox, Today, Upcoming, Whenever), and set ongoing tasks to repeat for however long you need them to. If you have a task with multiple repetitions, the app will track your progress as you go, which is an especially useful feature if you have specific work quotas to meet. You can even add friends, manage or add to your list using Siri voice control, and integrate your account with other apps so your daily checklist is consolidated and comprehensive. A “Daily Task Bar” keeps you motivated with a graphical representation of your progress.

3. Paste

Paste is a collaborative presentation-building tool from FiftyThree that is free for iPhone and iPad. It’s an alternative to PowerPoint that allows you to create beautiful, streamlined presentations that are instantly shareable among your work team. Paste automatically formats screenshots, videos, and links to create eye-catching slideshows and proposals extremely easily. The “storyboard” view lays out your slides in a clear and visually appealing way, making them easier to rearrange for better flow in your presentations.

The app also integrates with Slack so you and your team can share and comment on each others’ projects instantly. For expanded functionality, Paste can be used in tandem with FiftyThree’s other app, Paper.

4. Calzy

Calzy is a free calculator app for iPhone and iPad and winner of the 2018 Apple Design Award. This app goes far beyond your phone’s built-in calculator, with both basic and advanced scientific functions for all your calculation needs. The “3D touch” buttons pack tons of different key option into a small, streamlined screen, and you can even rearrange the keypad to customize it.

If you make a mistake in Calzy, you can easily tap and hold to edit your calculations right on-screen. The app can also store past results for reuse in new calculations.

Additional functions include dark/light modes, decimal rounding, currency rounding, bookmarking calculations, FaceID/TouchID support, widget and iMessage extensions, and iCloud sync.

5. Otter

No need to worry about taking notes during business meetings with the free Otter app. Otter is a real-time transcription app available for iOS, Android and web. It uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to process and transcribe conversations in real-time, adding punctuation and distinguishing between individual speakers in the text (this feature is still being improved). It’s a great tool for creating a written record of a meeting or interview, freeing you up to listen and enjoy without having to worry about taking notes. Once your conversation has been recorded and transcribed, you can edit the text in the app.

Otter also allows you to share conversations with your contacts and link to your Google or Zoom account, which is great for small business collaborating.

6. Square

Square is a free point-of-sale app that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. Once you download the app and sign up for Square’s service, they mail you a tiny, square-shaped magstripe reader that plugs directly into your mobile device. This reader allows you to swipe customers’ cards directly on your phone or tablet and conduct the transaction onscreen through the Square app. This effectively turns your device into a streamlined POS system that’s easy to use and entirely mobile.


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