Since 1999, RXNT has been offering software solutions for health practices. With several decades under its belt, it has worked to perfect its offerings and today has patient scheduling programs in addition to other software offerings. The software is cloud-based and also offers mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android. The platform is appropriate for small to large practices and is integrated for multiple locations.

  1. Sagenda

If you are starting with online patient scheduling or simply don’t have the budget to expand, Sagenda is a $0 option. At no cost, you can obtain a free account that allows for unlimited patient bookings, unlimited clients, and unrestricted access to data. Sagenda does not use advertising nor does it sell your information to third parties.

As a bonus, you can integrate Sagenda into your existing website, Facebook, Squarespace, WordPress, and more. The software is also available in other languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Chinese.

  1. SolutionReach

While SolutionReach provides scheduling software for solo and multiple practices as well as hospitals, it offers several features that set them apart for multi-location practices. This includes the ability to run a single report related to efficiency across multiple practices as well as a dedicated support person or persons for customer service for larger practices. The company also has scheduling software geared toward several specialties that is customizable for multi-specialty, multi-location practices.

  1. iSalus

iSalus is a cloud-based scheduling program that’s found its niche providing products for smaller and private practices. They offer patient scheduling and electronic health records for many physician specialties, including orthopedics, nephrology, neurosurgery, and urology. In addition to these services, they also provide medical billing, telehealth, and patient portal management. Their portal app allows patients to submit requests and track their appointments which can help to reduce no-shows.

In terms of cost, iSalus doesn’t have a flat rate but instead determines price based on medical specialty and the practice’s size. They do charge separate fees for training and implementation. However, once your software is up and running, the company assures there are no hidden costs.

  1. Nextech

Nextech is a cloud-based software company that gears its management and patient scheduling products to specialty. The company advertises that it’s the number one ophthalmology electronic medical records vendor, and it also advertises specialty products for plastic surgery, dermatology, medical spa, and orthopedics. Through offering services to particular specialties, Nextech believes they have streamlined their process so medical specialists who purchase their tech get just what they need.

Patients can request and view their appointments via their myPatientVisit app which also allows them to participate in telehealth visits. Patients can confirm their appointments via the app which immediately translates to the scheduling software. We also liked that the app has a “virtual waiting room” so patients can be prompted when the doctor is ready to see them for in-office appointments.


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